Wildcat Packaging is a thoroughly international company led by a dozen or so engineers and managerial staff members and is present in France, in the United States and in China.


Our headquarters in Biarritz is located in a research and technology park, alongside some one hundred technology companies, an engineering school specializing in product design, and three research laboratories. It is home to our Marketing, Product Development, Production Coordination, and Supply Chain Departments.

Our representatives in California care for project monitoring (marketing, quality, manufacturing and logistics) in the United States.


Our office in Shenzhen coordinates the activities of our Chinese subcontractors, works with process monitoring and quality control, along with process upgrading to build our subcontractors’ skills.

A balanced production between Europe and Asia: All of our manufacturing is done both in our own workshops and within a network of subcontracting industries including France and Spain and reaching as far as China. East and West: Maintaining this dual manufacturing capacity balance is crucial in order for us to meet all requirements (quantities, deadlines, costs), both short- and long-term.