With a diverse professional background (computer science, sports equipment, POP, luxury, and so on), Wildcat Packaging’s team has a taste for beautiful things, technological innovation, and the ambition to grow as a designer of ecofriendly packaging.


Purposely non-specialist, the company brings together a wide range of technical skills that we enjoy combining: wood and wood derivatives (molded plywood, wood veneer), plastics processing (injection, thermoforming), cardboard, leather, and synthetics, metal (folding, cutting), electronics, agro-materials.


Whether in product design, packaging manufacturing, POP making, each member of Wildcat Packaging’s staff shares the founding values of the company by being partners that listen closely and that are committed to transparency in their practices with any and every customer - start-up, small business or major brand.


Our 2014 Bronze Pentawards in the Luxury Packaging category certainly means we have some capabilities...